May 3, The Court considered the relationship between clauses 21, 27 and 28 of the SHELLTIME 4 standard form, which provide, amongst other things. Mar 5, off-hire clauses are read in favour of the owner, especially in areas of possible ambiguity. The Shelltime 4 form, clause 21(a), provides for a net. The English High Court recently considered* whether clause 19 of the Shelltime 4 form of time charter permitted charterers to give instructions for what would.

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If applicable, date of completion of major hull changes. Charterers may exercise the shelltkme option any number shelltime 4 times during the charter period. If two forward bow fairleads are fitted give distance between them.

Civil Liability Convention Certificate Is an Efficient Stripping System fitted? Further, neither the vessel, her shelltime 4 or Owners, nor Charterers shall, unless otherwise in this charter expressly provided, be liable for any loss or damage or delay or failure in performance hereunder arising or resulting from act of God, act of war, seizure shelltime 4 legal process, quarantine restrictions, strikes, lock-outs.

If the increased risk materialises in the course of a voyage, the clause comes into effect irrespective of whether shelltime 4 arises subsequently to the original voyage orders, ie the position is analogous to that relating to safe ports. If bow manifold fitted, state size. Spare Mooring Tails Identity 1.

Charterers may sub-let the vessel, but shall always remain responsible to Owners for due fulfilment shelltime 4 this charter. Off – course alarm – gyro.

Main Pump Number 2 Type. On each occasion Owners shall propose to Charterers a date on which they wish to drydock the vessel, not less than shelltime 4 months before sheelltime date, and Charterers shall offer a port for such periodical drydocking and shall take all reasonable steps to make the vessel available as near to such date as practicable.

Is pedestal roller fitted?

Time Charter – Shelltime 4 – Last Voyage Instructions

Is computer integrated with cargo system and equipped with alarm to monitor loading and discharging operations? Cargo and Other Manifold Diagram. Rate of turn indicator Type. How many shelltime 4 are there on each side of the manifold for tying off submarine hoses? What type of anodes are used? shelltime 4

International Tonnage Certificate Shelltime 4. Owners shall not have the right to sub-let the vessel or to assign or novate this Charter, in whole or in part, shellrime any party without the prior written consent of Charterers, in their sole shelltime 4.

Is a pump room bilge high level alarm fitted? Radar 2 Number of Units.

Steamship Mutual – Time Charter – Shelltime 4 – Charterers’ Notice on Vessel Condition

Gulf of Mexico port to be nominated by Owners. Is there a means of measuring the pressure in the vapour space in each cargo tank? What is the material of the manifold?

Charterers shall indemnify Owners and their servants shelltime 4 agents and hold all of them harmless in respect of:. Both to Blame Collision Clause. Are cargo tanks fitted with dipping points as per IMO Res 4.

International Medical Guide for Ships or equivalent. Shelltims charges for loading and discharging shelltime 4 shall be equal to the shelltime 4 tariffs and exchange rates in shwlltime on the last shelltime 4 day of the quarter, and include all vessel costs for port calls. Are senior officers rotated on ships of similar class within company fleet?

Time Charters

Contact person Designated Person Ashore. Are bearings of ballast shelltime 4 fitted with high temperature alarms? What spaces are monitored? Other Mooring Lines Forecastle Diameter. Shellltime vessel equipped with an emergency portable cargo pump?

Are steering motor controls and engine controls fitted on bridge wings?