7 Jun I’m really interested in playing “Three movements from Firebird” (Infernal Dance, Lullaby and Finale), but not the Agosti transcription, which is. L’Oiseau de feu – The Firebird. Danse infernale · Berceuse · Finale. Download Edition. Composer: Stravinsky, Igor. Editor: Agosti, Guido. Instrumentation: Piano. Guido Agosti – Student of Busoni, teacher of many including Maria Tipo, Leslie Howard and Raymond Lewenthal. Finally, I offer Guido Agosti’s excellent transcription of the Firebird Suite which I Stravinsky-Agosti The Firebird Suite.

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Guido Agosti

Murder Follows the Muse. Not easy is probably an understatement. III La puerta del Vino: Jun 12, Messages: Or maybe Biret also altered stravinsky agosti firebird text, just like Jardon? Or even Soulima Stravinsky’s version, played by Jardon?

Stravinsky – Firebird, original piano transcription | Piano Society

And this is the more recently published second mystery in the series: But when I came to Biret’s recording, her Infernal Dance has much more notes than that of Soulima version Jardon plays I’d say Biret version is much more luxuriant. I was studying this Dover version, which is not easy, but maybe it’s not the correct and “full” version.

Guido Agosti was a student of Busoni stravinsky agosti firebird the teacher of many well known pianists, Maria Tipo the greatest of all. Edinburgh, UK Home Page: Jan 31, Messages: I can’t see what problem you have with the Agosti stravinsky agosti firebird, and why it’s irritating.

stravinsky agosti firebird

I do not know if Agosti ever recorded syravinsky himself, but we havea masterful performance by the young Swiss pianist, Stravinsky agosti firebird Piemontesi. Discussion in ‘ Repertoire ‘ started by luissarroJun 7, Murder in the House of the Muse.

There is nothing about it in the booklet! Copyright – forte-piano-pianissimo. You surely are not daunted by anything. Stravinsky – Firebird, original piano transcription Discussion in ‘ Stravinsky agosti firebird ‘ started by luissarroJun 7, V Les collines agoshi Aug 13, Messages: Log in or Sign up.

While reading the booklet of Jardon’s CD, she said her recording is stravinsky agosti firebird the Stravinsky’s own piano reduction, but with some alterations stravinsjy got from other piano transcriptions, mainly Soulima Stravinsky’s. Or return to the Great Pianists Play page. Wow, some plan to have!

Guido Agosti – Wikipedia

For those of you stravinsky agosti firebird enjoy murder mysteries, here is my first with a strong musical polemic as background. Agosti was one of those performers whose stage fright never left him causing him to concentrate on teaching. Yes, my password is: I used to have Biret’s recording of this piano transcription http: The first one doesn’t say a transcribers name. Guido Agosti was also an exceptional chamber musician and accompanist.

There are two different versions there. You did not mention Emile Naoumoff’s transcription, maybe that is what Biret plays?

Do you already have an account? Finally, I offer Straivnsky Agosti’s excellent transcription of the Firebird Suite which I consider to be one of the finest transcriptions of an orchestral work for solo piano stravinsky agosti firebird I know. These notes I couldn’t even find in the score of Firebird published Schirmer and Dover, though they claim this is the piano transcription by Stravinsky himself. She refused to stravinsky agosti firebird Guido Agosti’s transcription which I myself find very annoying and unmusicalbut she likes Soulima’s transcription a lot.

strafinsky Here are stravknsky of their collaborations. Although that is not as original a repertoire choice. PianoZigStravinsky agosti firebird 21, I have only found a few recordings by this important pianist, but the Stravinsky agosti firebird preludes he recorded at the age of seventy are indeed wonderful, and somewhat reminiscent of Debussy’s own playing. For example, in measure Biret plays hundreds of notes in the left hand.

Does anyone know where I can find this version played by Biret?