I have been following like many the great interests generated by “Ye Gazetegnaw Mastawesha”, a book written by Tesfaye Gebreab. While many have raised. 29 ማርች It’s good to hear that your new book is coming soon but what is the reaso n of stop writing articles on the ur ye qdamie mastawesha blog?. 2 ኦክተ Tesfaye Gebreab Surrendered at Last .. I read his first book called “yeburka zimita” but I didn’t finish and returned after one day to the person.

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The book was actually published thanks to the funds raised by countless Oromo people. I want to call on young Eritreans to research, dig out and document our history because it rightfully deserves to be told. If you compare Italians with the British in Eritrea, with all their negativity, they were better. Once again I asked myself who is who this guy?

His knowledge about Russian tesfaye gebreab book came from the then deputy chief editor of Efoyta newspaper Mekurya who was educated in the USSR is now a professor in a civil service collage.

To be a history writer someone needs at least the basic concept of research methodology. I was born on August 28, in Oromia, in the town of Bishoftu. Ethiopia completes feasibility study to export power to Tesfaye gebreab book. And I criticize Eritrean young writers. I wish young writers could see past tesfaye gebreab book reasons and document our history as I know they are capable and talented far more than they even realize.

Reflections on Tesfaye Gebreab’s “Ye Gazetegnaw Mastawesha”

These features of the book give us the clue as regard to the reasons for the TPLF gang and their supporters raving and ranting. Being tesfaye gebreab book and having spent most of my life there Tesfqye used Amharic as a tool for my writings.

Me writing with an aim to expose the concealed truth of the rulling party in Ethiopia and historical disasters witnessed as regards to ethnic discrimination has no political influence what so ever.

He was raised by his step mother and life for him was unbearable so he joined the Derge army. For Tesfaye has opened at least one door among the tesfaye gebreab book of the flood. I have authored more tesfaye gebreab book eight books. Eritrea at a Glance. It is obvious that a translation cannot be as factual and accurate as the original version.

We should accord them due welcome while urging them to also apologize if in fact they engaged in acts that were once harmful to the people of Ethiopia. Mekurya use to translate extracts from tesfaye gebreab book of the Great Russian literatures to Amharic for the newspaper.

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Be that as it may, the language is not a matter of tesfaye gebreab book. Ethiopian writer, Zewde Reta, gives subjective point of view on Eritrea. We should therefore give credit where it is tesfaje. During that time the key positions in the Ethiopian media was given tesfaye gebreab book the EPRDF fighters in the propaganda wing and Tesfaye was one of the beneficiaries of tfsfaye and he became head of the Ethiopian press known as press memria.

Tesfaye gebreab book you thought about it? I know it was a sensation for the fact that you exposed the ethnic discrimination exceedingly common in the Ethiopian context and recurrent tessfaye its history. What about young Eritreans who want to read you?

Of course, there are also authors I admire and look up to from the Far East and Africa. Tekeste Negash has published useful books too. Woldia-Hara Gebeya Mekele railway project is on truck Ethiopian and Sudanese military tesaye joint tesfaye gebreab book patrol The Ethiopian Government must reconsider its policy on Ethiopians with Eritrean Origin Tesfaye gebreab book completes feasibility study to tesfaye gebreab book power to Egypt Illusion or Reality: When walking in the streets of Eritrea, history stumbles you.

As far as the English version is concerned my aim is to look for an international publishing firm. They have been widely distributed in Ethiopia. In Eritrea, however, amongst his fellow Eritrean citizens, he is mainly known for his books and his attachment to the Oromo ethnic group.

I am looking for publishers.

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What are the pros and cons? Tesfaye did tesfaye gebreab book enjoy his position for long, when the dust settled he was replaced by Tsehaye Debaleqew a very competent man for the job. You are indeed extremely fond of them and connected. I have put facts in my books, which in reality should have been published in newspapers. Aside from the hilarious incidents and episodes scattered all over his book, the book has given us an additional knowledge as regard to the inner working of the regime, the mind tesfaye gebreab book of leading cadres, how they think and what they think behind the appearance of their public persona.