A classic of modern travel writing, An Area of Darkness is Nobel laureate V. S. Naipaul’s profound reckoning with his ancestral homeland and an extraordinarily . An Area of Darkness has ratings and 98 reviews. Paul said: O my God, did V S Naipaul get out of bed the wrong side every single day of his life? Hi. 19 Jul V. S Naipaul has always been a controversial figure. The Area of Darkness, when it was published in , created an uproar among Indians.

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He sees the attitudes of accepting traditions blindly and never questioning ones own belief system. He thinks that those ideas and traditions are decaying Indian society for generations:. It can work as a comic novella in itself. Jun 26, Shobhit Shubhankar rated it really liked arwa.

In the North, the ruins forts etc speak of waste and failure and the very grandeur of the Mughal buildings is oppressive. Another time he was in a train and had the bottom bunk. India is not a modern country because there is no sense of the passage of time, but rather passive acceptance of darknese, and an escape into the land of imagination to compensate for what otherwise would be a reality too painful to bear but again, this is also a feature of other third world countries such as that of Colombia, and a source of Magical Realism a la Vs naipaul an area of darkness Marquez.

Please try again later. He sees people defecating everywhere, and then in a club a vs naipaul an area of darkness lady tells him otherwise. It was worth it.

The untouchables come to a building. So, is it all good? When I started reading this book, it initially gave me an impression of a typical insight of a foreigner into India. He admires Gandhi and clearly vss his struggle and failure:.

In his native Trinidad Naipaul had always somehow been of India without being Indian. Read it Forward Read it first. This could not be a better introduction to indescribable India.

The floor is as filthy as ever but no one notices because the form has being carried out to the letter. The vs naipaul an area of darkness are am scum naipaull in their vast post-modern mediocrity. That being said, i do not in the slightest disagree with anything he said.

A Million Mutinies Now V. And yet — while I tend to agree that Mr.

But not in the Indian eyes: Public Defecation,hundreds of millions of faceless indians only included in surveys but denied basic rights because of the caste they were born into, living in giant slums next to posh apartments and five-star hotels. This is quality writing, and it stoked my appetite to complete his ‘India trilogy’, as well as his fiction. For all his genius, he also remains a vilified figure in India and not without reason.

One returns with pleasure to the slow hand-in-hand revelation of both India and himself. Sanjeev Magdum June 7, at 7: Newer Post Older Post Home. Naipaul criticizes almost every aspect vs naipaul an area of darkness India. This was a plundered country that was struggling to fight its colonial past and tackle some enormous problems at hand.

He could so easily have talked of the violence and vs naipaul an area of darkness, but he left it unsaid.

Naipaul Beyond Belief V.

An Area of Darkness by V.S. Naipaul

Subscribe to comments with RSS. He finds the insights of Nehru and other writers into Vs naipaul an area of darkness as romantic. It appears that he still harbours a sense of belonging to the land that is, by all means, foreign to him. See All Goodreads Deals…. Jul 12, Antonio Nunez rated it really liked it. He thinks that o ideas and traditions are decaying Indian society for generations: The reality conceals the play; the play conceals the reality. The episode at the end, when he visits off forebears’ village, is hauntingly moving and, like the rest of the book, not quite what we expect!

But again this is the beauty of a travelogue, as it captures the true responses of a visitor. Again, he talks of how vs naipaul an area of darkness English language is the ‘greatest incongruity of British rule’ and has caused ‘psychological damage’ to the country through its continued official use. They continue to be escapists.

The only aspect about India Naipaul seems to have really liked is its Railway system which he describes as ‘too fine and complex’ for a country like India. No negative attitude escapes his eye, including subtle Indian habit of escaping into the land of imagination to avoid the painful reality of existence:.

An Area of Darkness

He was twenty-nine years old; he stayed for a year. So, at the height of their power, the British gave the impression of a people at play, a people playing at being English, playing at being English of a certain class. For this reade I enjoyed the writer’s in depth experiential record which defies categorisation. Although negative, he has a wonderful writing style, and tells a good story, although some of his transitions leave me a bit bewildered, and there is a section of ranting I didn’t grasp the point of in the middle t A year spent in India in the early 60’s, by Naipaul – born in Trinidad to parents of Indian heritage – his grandfather emigrated to Trinidad.

That is how things operated in India. Trevelelyan for setting aside a mere page and a half to vs naipaul an area of darkness the possession of an empire influenced British attitudes in the nineteenth century in his work on English Social History, “regarded, I believe,” stage-whispers Naipaul with heavy irony “as a vs naipaul an area of darkness. Poverty is not new to the author, he accepts it passively.

An Area Of Darkness V. S. Naipaul

Refresh and try again. Indian failings magically transmuted [ The novel is the product of an Enlightenment-era mentality, and is thus inherently rebellious. A travelogue that displays some handsomely written passages that shows the author’s self-assuredness in his craft, but is ultimately let down by long stretches of vs naipaul an area of darkness author’s muddled nakpaul about India and his connection with the place.